Most networks and their resellers in the country have SIM only deals with unlimited data and texts. The difference lies in the prices of the plans which are not under contract. Also, the usage at which the internet speed gets capped also varies.

T-Mobile offers unlimited data and texts at $40 per month. You also get unlimited talk time. You would get 3G/4G speed for up to 3 GB of data and thereon you would get unlimited data but at 2G speeds. There are many other plans from T-Mobile. You can pay $50 per month to get 5 GB of 3G or 4G data, $60 per month for 10 GB data and there are various add-ons. All these plans offer unlimited texts and unlimited 2G internet. T-Mobile is distinctly different from AT&T in this regard. The latter is one of the four major networks in the country. AT&T has many plans on a monthly basis that will get you unlimited texts and even unlimited calls. But you don’t get unlimited data with any of those plans. The plans are costlier as well. You do get limited data and pay premium prices for that. AT&T has some plans when you opt for contract that gets you unlimited data.

Cricket Wireless, which was till recently AIO, gives you unlimited data and texts as well as minutes. For $30 every month you can get 1 GB of data 4G/3G speeds and then you would get the speed throttled to 2G speeds. You can pay ten bucks more and get 2.5 GB of high speed data followed by unlimited 2G data. You can pay ten bucks more, ala fifty, and get 5 GB of high speed data. This proposition gets you free data roaming in Canada and Mexico. In addition to unlimited texts nationwide, you also get unlimited international texts to more than three dozen countries. There are more expensive plans, at sixty a month you would get 10 GB of high speed data and at seventy bucks a month you get actually unlimited data. There is no capping and no throttling of any speed. If you want one of the best SIM only deals for unlimited data and texts, then pay $70 a month to Cricket Wireless.

There are other providers offering SIM only deals with unlimited data and texts. You can check out H2O Wireless, MetroPCS, Net10 Wireless, Page Plus, Project Fi, Red Pocket Mobile, Republic Wireless, SIMPLE Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk Wireless, Ting Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless and Virgin Mobile among others.