There are several reasons as to why one might visit the United States, whether it be for the purpose of work or for the purpose of spending vacations at a fun spot in the aforementioned country. The point remains, that millions of people visit the United States of America every year and if you are one of them, there are plenty of other things that you have to arrange for besides your plane tickets and getting your luggage ready to board.


In this age and era of technology and fast pace communication, it is absolutely necessary to have a constant means of connection and communication with your loved one’s, family, and friends as well as any acquaintances that you might be traveling with or meeting with upon arrival to the country. Phones and tablets are the most popular ways of staying in touch with each other in matters of emergency or on a regular basis to remain aware of each other’s whereabouts and conditions.

Even when you go abroad, you will encounter the need to have a phone on you. Unfortunately, since your SIM Card will not work in the USA, you must search for an alternative. What many people do is that they purchase a new phone when they arrive in the country, one that would work normally while they are in the country. But the problem remains, that if you are not going to the US for a long period of time, you may very well ending up wasting a lot of money for a phone you will not have to use again. So what can you do in such a situation? A pay as you go SIM plan may be the answer for you.


Instead of purchasing a brand new phone, the wiser thing to do would be to purchase a SIM instead. Such SIM Cards are available in the United States that allow you to retain the same number from your home country and transfer it to a SIM that works in the United States.

But the problem that arises is that usually, a customer must sign a contract with the company he or she is getting the SIM Card from that normally encompasses from 6 to 18 months. This contract would require you to make monthly payments until your signed term is over. If you are visiting the United States for a week or two, or even a month or two, it does not make sense to get a phone contract. Which is why prepaid SIM Cards exist as well.

A pay as you go card would require you to pay for your SIM when you purchase it with a decided number of minutes, texts, and data balance. You may use these services freely without having the burden of being tied down with a contract.


A pay as you go or prepaid SIM Card brings about a host of advantages for the user especially if they are not looking to maintain or create a long term commitment with a United States phone company. Let us look at some of the advantages the use of such a service can bring:

– MUCH CHEAPER- For short term visitors, a pay as you go SIM happens to be much more cheap than if they were to purchase a long term contract with a phone company. Since a pay as you go SIM Card requires you to pay for only what you are intending to use, you can save on plenty of money which can be used for other purposes. You do not have to pay in the form of monthly payments, instead you simply pay the decided cost upfront at the time of purchase.

– NO OVERCHARGING- Often at times for contracted phones, since you may not know when your number of minutes, texts, or data ends, you might ending up using more than what was outlined and consequently have to pay for more than what you thought you would have to pay. There is no such disadvantage in pay as you go phones. You pay first and then receive service limited to the amount you have paid for. This ensures that you never overtop your purchase and end up paying more.

– NO SURPRISE CHARGES- Since the payment is being made upfront with the purchase of the SIM, there are no chances of you having to overpay for a service you did not know was provided.

– NO COMMITMENT- A long term contract requires you to return to the service provider regularly on a monthly basis. With a pay as you go plan, there is no need to do so. Once you have paid for your SIM Card, there is no need to return to your provider unless you need an upgrade.

– FREEDOM- with a prepaid SIM, you can change operators whenever you’d like. Not only that, but you can also use the SIM Cards in other phones to your will and expect it to work all the same.

– NO CREDIT CHECKS- There are no credit checks for pay as you go SIMs so you can purchase one even if you are below 18 years of age.


T-Mobile has some great offers and deals when it comes to pay as you go SIM Cards. They have per month, per week, and even per day pay as you go offers for people who have a very short stay in the United States. The monthly deal begins with $3 per month which provides 30 minutes of talk and 30 minutes of text. For more combinations, the T-Mobile site further specifies the Weekly and Daily Passes offering 500MB of 4G LTE Data for $5 per day and up to 1GB of 4G LTE Data for $10 per week respectively.

Roam Mobility also provides great daily and weekly plans for pay as you go systems comprising of various combinations of talk+text, talk+data and talk+text+data.

Even Three provides £10 pay as you go deals with preloaded credit.