Contract phones apparently have more freebies but they are also binding for fixed terms. Pay as you go phones have their pros and cons. In some circumstances, you need one of the best pay as you go SIM cards in USA.

You could be travelling, you may not qualify for a contract phone, you may need a temporary number or you may simply prefer pay as you go over contracts. Here are some of the best pay as you go SIM cards from some of the service providers in the United States.

T-Mobile has already made a tectonic shift by doing away with all kinds of contracts.
They have several pay as you go or prepaid plans.
You could go with a T-Mobile SIM and have the $40/month plan for unlimited text and talk time.
You get 3 GB of high speed data and after exhausting that you will get unlimited data at 2G speeds.
T-Mobile has $50/month which gets you the same unlimited features but the data at 4G and 3G speeds is capped at 5 GB.
Pay $60/month and you get unlimited text, minutes and data but the latter is capped at 10 GB and then you get 2G speeds.
You can also opt for family plans with pay as you go SIM cards from T-Mobile.
Plans range from $50/month to $335/month.
T-Mobile has many other plans that suit temporary needs and specific usages.
You get 30 minutes of talk time and 30 texts for $3/month.
$5/day gets you unlimited text and minutes with 500 MB data/day.
You can pay $10/week and get unlimited text and talk with 1GB data/week.
There are many add-ons available as well for unlimited calls to Canada, Mexico and more than thirty other countries.

AT&T has several pay as you go plans.
Its prepaid plans or pay as you go plans are called GoPhone plans.
You can pay $30/month and get unlimited text and talk time but there is no free or included data.
You can get 100 MB data at $5 whenever you need.
There is a $45/month plan offering unlimited minutes and texts with 3GB data. Unused data gets carried forward to the next month.
The $60/month plan gets you 6 GB data with unlimited minutes and texts.
This plan offers data roaming across Mexico and Canada.
AT&T’s $2/day gets you unlimited minutes and texts every day and you can get 5 KB data at a cent. You may go for the classic pay as you go plans wherein you pay $0.10 per minute and $0.20 per text. This is not the best way to go forward though.

– Boost Mobile has some pay as you go plans.
You can go for Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Unhook’d or Unlimited Family.
The Unlimited Starter is priced at $30/month offering unlimited minutes and messages, 1GB 4G LTE data and $5 per GB thereon.
Unlimited Unhook’d is $50/month with unlimited features.
Unlimited Family gets you Starter or Unhook’d plan for the first phone number and then you add another number.
So if you get Unhook’d and a Starter, instead of you paying $50 and $30 for the two plans on two numbers respectively, you pay only $60/month.
There are many add-ons like with any other network.

– Cricket Wireless, formerly AIO, is a subsidiary of AT&T.
The carrier offers unlimited text, minutes and data but capped up to 1 GB at 4G/3G speed for $30/month.
The data cap increases to 2.5 GB with the other features remaining the same at $40/month.
At $50/month you get the same features but the data cap is increased to 5GB.
This plan offers free data roaming in Mexico and Canada.
You also get unlimited international messages to more than thirty countries.
You can opt for higher data caps, such as 10 GB high speed data at $60/month and thereon unlimited data at 2G seeds.
You can pay $70/month and get unlimited high speed data, minutes and texts.
There is no cap.

– H2O Wireless doesn’t have the absolute best pay as you go SIM plans but you can consider them. They offer unlimited minutes and texts with caps on data.
$30/month caps the data usage at 500 MB and then you get 2G data, $35/month keeps the cap unchanged but assures 2G speeds which implies that the first plan may get you slower speeds, $40/month caps data usage at 3 GB, $50/month offers 4 GB at high speed, $60/month gives you 4.5 GB of high speed data.
There are international calling plans starting at $10/month.
You can also get a classic pay as you go plan where every minute is billed at $0.05, text is billed at $0.05 and every MB of data is billed at $0.10.

– MetroPCS specialized in CDMA but does service GSM phones right now.
Check before you sign up.
MetroPCS offers unlimited minutes and messages in every plan.
The difference is in data caps.
$30/month caps the data at 1 GB, $40/month caps data usage at 3 GB, $50/month caps at 5 GB and $60/month gets you unlimited high speed data.

– Net10 Wireless is one of the best pay as you go SIM offering 4G data.
It works with any phone that has a SIM card slot.
All plans have unlimited texts and minutes.
4G data is capped at 500 MB in the $35/month plan, $40/month caps it at 3 GB, $50/month has the cap at 5 GB, $60/month caps it at 7 GB and $75/month gets you 10 GB.
Exhausting the cap will throttle the speeds at 2G but you do get unlimited data.
There are many other options at your disposal.
You can choose Page Plus, Project Fi, Red Pocket Mobile, Republic Wireless, SIMPLE Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk Wireless, Ting Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless or Virgin Mobile.
Not all have unlimited plans.
Compare the unlimited features but also consider add-ons as and when you may need.
You may want top-ups.
You may need international messages or free roaming across North America.
When you compare these plans, you will find the best pay as you go SIM for data with MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Cricket and of course T-Mobile.
If your focus is on minutes and messages, then the best pay as you go SIM in USA would be from Straight Talk, Virgin Mobile, Page Plus and Ting.
If you are looking for add-ons or perks then AT&T, Cricket Wireless, T-Mobile and Boost Mobile or even MetroPCS are among the best pay as you go SIM.
The most value you get for your money is from T-Mobile, Sprint, Page Plus, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket and SIMPLE Mobile.
The coverage of these carriers does fluctuate across the country and you may want to factor in your location or where you would be travelling to within the US while making a choice.
You can read reviews of people in your area and then pick a carrier.
Most networks that don’t have their own infrastructure would be using the network of primary carriers and that will influence the speed, the connectivity and also the voice quality on calls.
Do not discard these elements when you choose the best pay as you go SIM card in USA.