The sim only contracts have been rapidly getting popular. A huge variety of EE sim only contracts available at your disposal if you are planning to visit the USA are amusing, to say the least. But before that, it is indispensable that you are aware of the benefits that EE sim only contracts have to offer. There is no argument over the fact that you’d be able to relish multiple benefits provided that you have opted for a sim only contract. In order to let you make an informed decision, let us mentioned a few of such benefits.

Benefits Of EE Sim Only Contract:

A few of the prominent benefits that EE sim only contracts have to offer are listed below:

– To begin with, a sim only contract is remarkably cheaper as compared to an ordinary contract. Since the latter includes the charges for the smartphone of your choice, it always costs more than a sim only contract on a monthly basis.

– A sim only contract enables you to have the freedom of switching networks if you are finding a better deal on a different one. You are not at all committed and can choose to leave whenever you want or for whatever reason you deem appropriate.

– With a sim only contract, you are at a liberty of deciding the smartphone that you would like to have. How would you like to get an all-new iPhone 7 or perhaps the Galaxy S7 but are still bound to your previous contract for a few more months? Frustrating, right?

– Passing a credit check provided that you have opted for a sim only contract is way easier as compared to an ordinary contract since you are not hiring an all-new smartphone from your network provider in the first place.

– Last but not the least, the EE sim only contract in the USA enables you to shop around a wide range of deals. Such contracts are specifically more useful if your requirements change on a monthly basis. For instance, if you require a greater data plans a few months and perhaps more minutes in the others.

Considering the variety of sim only contracts that different networks have to offer, it is essential to accentuate why exactly would it be a commendable idea to choose EE over the rest of the networks. A few of the convincing reasons to choose EE begin with a flawlessly smooth service. My EE enables you to manage your account or perhaps shop around in the store. It does also enable you to contact the customer support department in case you have certain queries. Furthermore, EE understands how frustrating it is for a customer to run out of an allowance without a warning. With the utilization of the data cap, EE provides its customers with constant usage alerts and a proper notification once the allowance has expired. What’s more is that choosing EE rids you off the network limitations. Even if you are not getting the signals, you can continue to talk or chat, thanks to the Wi-Fi calling. Last but not the least, if you are a sports fan, choosing EE has a major benefit for you. With the BT Sports app, you can make sure that you will never have to miss your favorite game ever again. The app is absolutely free for the first six months with the 4G EE Max and 4G EE Essential plans.

EE Sim Only Contract


EE Sim Only Contract In The USA: What’s Included In The Package?

The EE sim only contract is tailored for the users regardless of their individual requirements. Be it a phone sim or a tablet & 4G EE Wi-Fi sim that you are opting from, you’d be able to choose from an option of paying on a monthly basis or perhaps pay as you go if your requirements change from the day to day basis. However, the primary reason for choosing an EE sim only contract in the USA is an absolutely affordable cost of roaming with your 4G EE plan. For your convenience, EE provides a wide range of roaming plans if you are visiting the United States of America. For instance, you can opt for unlimited calls and texts in the world select zone for a mere price of £5 per day.

The world select zone includes USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, UAE, and of course the United Kingdom itself. Otherwise, the basic roaming plan includes 30 global roaming minutes at a cost of only £6 per month. The premium roaming plan includes 120 global roaming minutes at a cost of £20 per month. As for texts, you have an option of subscribing to 100 global roaming texts for £6 per month or 200 global roaming texts for £10 per month. The data allowance options at your disposal while roaming with your 4G EE sim the only contract includes a 2 GB data plan valid for 12 months at a price of £100. For a smaller plan, however, choosing the 750 MB data plan for 7 days at a price of £40 is going to be a more suitable option.
In the light of the information mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that an EE sim only contract is a suitable option for you even if you are planning to visit the United States of America. EE aims at providing the same high-quality services to its customers while they roam with their 4G EE plan at a price that doesn’t push them off the budget either. And this is what sets EE sim only contract apart from the rest of the competition since the network doesn’t only cater to its local customers, but also the ones who are roaming internationally in the USA. With such a wide range of benefits and plans at your disposal, what else could you possibly ask for? Choose an EE sim only contract now and see for yourself. Rest assured, you won’t have to be disappointed in making this decision.